1. What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is an internet-based originality checking service. It is an educational tool that allows educators to check for the authenticity of students’ work, and it also helps students to improve their writing and avoid plagiarism.


  1. What is the website of Turnitin?  



  1. I am a lecturer, what should I do to start using Turnitin?

Please send your request to libref@sc.edu.my . The librarian will then add you as an instructor of SUC in Turnitin, and you will soon receive a welcome email from Turnitin which helps you to set up your instructor account.


  1. What are the roles of a lecturer in Turnitin? 

(1)After creating a Turnitin account, a lecturer needs to create a class first and provide the class ID and enrolment key to the students, so that they can enrol in the class in Turnitin.

(2)After that, the lecutrer can create assignment(s) in the class to let students submit their assignments to Turnitin.

(3)After students submit their assignments, the lecturer can check the Similarity Reports and mark the papers. 

Reminder: Turnitin DOES NOT mark the papers. Turnitin checks the similarity and lecturers need to read the Similarity Report to determine if there is plagiarism.  (See Top 15 Misconceptions about Turnitin)


  1.  I am a lecturer, how can I set up a class/an assignment in Turnitin?

         Please refer to the training guide for lecturers and important reminders about Optional Settings when creating an assignment.


  1. I am a student, what should I do to start using Turnitin?

         ​If your lecturer requests you to submit your work to Turnitin, he/she will give you the class ID and enrolment key. You can then create an account in Turnitin https://www.turnitin.com/ by following the training guide for students.

         Reminder: Each student is only allowed to create ONE Turnitin student account by using ONE email (university email  xxxx@sc.edu.my).


  1. After submitting my paper to Turintin, where can I download and print a copy of my Similarity Report?

Find the steps in Download Turnitin Similarity Report


  1. After submitting my paper to Turnitin, where can I download my Digital Receipt?

​Find the steps in Download Turnitin Digital Receipt


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