Gwee Yee Hean Collection 



Gwee Yee Hean Collection (魏维贤文库)

Dr. Gwee Yee Hean (1929-2013) was an educational scholar in Singapore and Malaysia.  He also immersed himself in doing the research on Southeast Asian History.  In 1990, he was appointed as the first batch of Academic Consultants for Southern College (the predecessor of Southern University College, SUC).  After he passed away, his family donated his personal collection of books to SUC, including books, periodicals, collected document and materials in a total of about 911 boxes.  SUC Library is responsible for preserving this bequest and this closed stack collection is named as Gwee Yee Hean Collection (GYH).

The holdings in GYH reflects the collector's research experience and personal interests.  Most of the collection are mainly on Chinese literature, Chinese history, education, psychology, and Southeast Asian and Singaporean studies.  All are high-valued references and important resources for academic research.

The Library has started to catalogue the general books in Chinese language based on the related theme.  In spontaneously, the borrowing and reservation services are provided successively when the cataloguing of GYH in the progress.  The relevant borrowing privileges and request service are stated as below:


Borrowing Privileges

Type of Material

Category of users


Loan Period

Renewal Period

GYH general books

Lecturer and Staff


60 days

60 days

Part Time Lecturer and Staff


30 days

30 days



30 days

30 days



14 days

14 days

External Members


14 days

14 days

Visiting Scholar


1 day

Not allowed

* Review of loan item restrictions will be held every half year to make improvements.


Closed Stack Item Request Service

  1. Lecturers, staff, students and external members with Southern University College ID cards may apply for Closed Stack Item Request Service.
  2. Request form is available at the Library circulation counter or can be downloaded from here.
  3. Users need to fill up the request form and submit it to the Library circulation counter. The requested item(s) can be collected at the counter at the stated time.
  4. Requested items are confined to GYH collection: General books.
  5. Schedule for the Closed Stack Item Request Service:


Collection Time

Monday- Friday

10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday



  1. If a user uses the item in the Library, he/she needs to deposit his/her Southern University College ID card when collecting the item and collect it after returning the item. The item must be returned 30 minutes before the Library closes.





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