Borrowing Privileges of Southern University College External Members

1.     Borrowing rules

1.1       All members are allowed to borrow maximum 3 general books, 2 MCL Centre general book, and 2 Shuxianglou general books and 2 TCM Library general books for a duration of 14 days. Renewal of a book loan can only be made once for 14 days.

1.2       Member cards are not transferable and may not be used by another person.

1.3       When the loan period of a checked out item expires, the user’s Loan Privileges will be suspended until the user returns the item including a fine for overdue.

1.4       A borrower with overdue item is subjected to a fine of RM0.50/per book; any book which is not returned over 1 month would be considered as lost (refer to “Southern University College Rules& Regulation lost book”).

1.5         Borrowers can use the online renewal service or make renewals by phone (07-5586605 Ext: 120).

2       Compensation rules

2.1       Borrowers will be charged replacement cost and processing fees for any loan items that are lost, stolen or damaged (refer to "Southern University College Library Rules & Regulation lost books " )

2.2       Borrowers who lose library materials will be given a 3 week grace period to buy a replacement book or the compensation will be deducted from the deposit.

3       Recalls

3.1       Under specific circumstances, the Library reserves the right to request early returning and to suspend further borrowing.

3.2       When a loan period expires, an overdue notice will be sent to the borrower (refer to“Fine”).

4.  Deposit refund procedures

4.1  Members need to fill up the “Application Form for Refund” at the circulation counter.

4.2     All fines must be cleared and all library materials must be returned before the deposit can be refunded.

4.3  The chequewill be send to the member by post within one month.

5.  Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

8:30am – 9:00pm

School Holidays

8:30am – 7:00pm


8:30am – 12:00pm

Sunday & Public Holiday



* Counter closes 15 minutes before the closing time.

* Adjustment of library opening hours shall be informed in further notice

6.  The library reserves the right to amend these rules from time to time.


* If you have any question please call for information:

    Tel: 07-5586605 (Ext.120) E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Fax: 07-5563306


Application Procedure of Southern University College External Member

Application Form for External Membership

Application Form for Refund




Southern University College Library

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P.O.Box No. 76,

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