Guidelines for the use of the Thread Stitched Binding Books


1.    Thread Stitched Binding Books are under closed shelves display and cannot be taken out of the Library. It can only be used in the Library at designated area.

2.    All users must present their valid Identification Cards when requesting access to the materials at the circulation counter.

3.    A user can request up to three titles at each time but the materials cannot to be taken out of the Library.

4.    A Valid Identification Card needs to be deposited when accessing to the materials. All materials must be returned thirty minutes before the Library’s closing hour.

5.    Users are responsible for the requested materials and must treat the materials with care. If requested item is found damaged, lost or to be taken out of the library, fine will be imposed on the user according to the” Code of Conduct”.

6.    All materials are not allowed to be photocopied. However, photo capture and digital scanning can be requested. Users may prepare their camera or request digital scanning from the librarian. Fees will be charged for digital scanning service.

7.    The regulations and any subsequent amendments shall be approved by the President before they are presented for implementation.   



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