Photography/ Filming in the Library


1.      The applicant needs to fill in the photography/ Filming application form at the circulation counter 3 days in advance of the shooting.

2.      The shooting time/ date must be fixed on Saturday (except holiday) between 8.30am and 12pm.

3.      On the day of shooting, the applicant must present the valid ID card and deposit at the circulation counter. Every applicant/ crew/actor will get a “Shooting Pass “and need to put on the “Shooting Pass” while shooting. Once finish shooting, the “Shooting Pass” should be returned to the circulation counter.

4.      Shooting hours must not over 2 hours. Maximum shooting group are not over 2 groups in one day.

5.      The applications are for the use of students for academic purposes only. Please abide by the Copyright Act. Any infringement of the Act is the responsibility of individual.

6.      Please refrain from the use of flash equipment in reading rooms and other areas in which it might disturb Library users. Applicant must make sure the library is clean after shooting.

7.      The applicant will be charged for the repair of any damage incurred.

8.      Photographing, filming or audio recording of members of the public, members of the Library staff on duty are prohibited.

9.      The Library reserves the right to cancel application and to limit a user's privileges without prior notice for any reason deemed appropriate by the Library.


Southern University College Library

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P.O.Box No. 76,

81300 Skudai, Johor.

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