Guidelines for using Group Discussion Room

1.      Borrowing Rules:

1.1      Rooms are provided on ‘first come, first served’ basis.

1.2      Applicants can register with their Student Identity Cards (ID) and fill up an application form at the circulation counter

1.3      A minimum of 3 students to a maximum of 10 students is a prerequisite for certain room.

412 I

412 G

412 K

412 C

3-4 people

3-7 people

3-7 people

3-10 people


1.4      Rooms can be occupied for not exceeding 2 hours.

2.      Regulations:

2.1      Applicants need to deposit their ID cards at the circulation counter. Once open the door the key has to be returned to the circulation counter. Late return of key is subjected to a fine of RM10.00 after 1 hour. Lost key is subjected to a fine of RM 50.00.

2.2      Groups which do not show up within the first 15 minutes will have their reservation forfeited.

2.3      Reservation hour cannot be extended. (refer remark)

2.4      Eating or drinking are strictly prohibited in the room (refer to Codes of Conduct).

2.5      Discussion rooms are for the use of students for academic purposes only, e.g. working on group projects or group presentations.

2.6      Please note that library staff may conduct spot checks and if any wrong information or the understating of the number of users are found, the users may be barred from applying for 2 months.

2.7      Under all circumstances, chairs must not be taken from the reading area or from one room to another.

2.8      Users cannot exchange, transferor change the time reserved.

2.9      Discussion Rooms users must maintain a moderate noise level. Offenders will be asked to leave the room.

2.10    While using the room, the door should be closed but not locked.

2.11    It is expected that the room and its equipment are left in good and clean condition after use (e.g. table is cleaned; furniture is arranged appropriately; white board is cleaned (if have); equipment wire is plugged in; door is locked.) Please leave the room within 10 min and collect the ID cards at the circulation counter, otherwise the users may be barred from applying for 2 months.

3.      Opening hours:


Monday to Friday

8:30am – 7:00pm


8:30am – 11:45am

Sunday & Public Holiday




4.      User who infringes any of the above regulationswill have the library privileges forfeited.

5.      Any amendments deemed appropriate will be made from time to time.


Remark: Application for extended hour will only be accepted when there are at least 2 rooms are available and the extension should not exceed 1 hour.



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