Reference CD 参考CD简介


1) DBP Index Majalah (1957 - 1997)

The first publication of Dewan Bahasa in CD-ROM containing more than 36,650 index entries mainly related to language, literature and culture. It covering the index and abstracts of articles of Dewan Bahasa's journals which includes Pelita Bahasa, Dewan Budaya, Dewan Sastera, Dewan Masyarakat, Perisa, Nusantara and Malay Literature.

2) Microsoft's Encarta Reference Library 2002

Microsoft's Encarta Reference Library 2002 is a comprehensive research and reference source where learners can get more up-to-date information and multimedia than ever before.

It is also a comprehensive encyclopedia containing one of the most detailed interactive atlases, 3-D virtual tours, live media, Microsoft Fact Finder and a Research Organizer.

From a single search, Encarta gives users access to a world of information. It brings relevant articles, rich multimedia, and Web links together in one place so user can get their work done faster. Encarta combines authoritative articles with engaging multimedia, additional primary sources, global statistics, and the best of the Internet for a rich learning experience.

3) Concise Oxford Dictionary (Ninth Edition)

Containing 140,000 meanings from street slang to scientific technology, this electronic dictionary also the most up to date words and their meanings, it is the most easily accessible reference of everyday language. This sensational, informative CD, complete with hot links, is an invaluable tool for anyone working on a personal computer. Take advantage of the superb researching facilities allowing user to find any given word in a matter of seconds.

4) Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 99

It is enhanced by audio clips, photos, illustrations, videos, and three dimensional animation clips. Most articles have links to related articles. There are also links to World Wide Web that users can use to find even more information. It continues its award-winning tradition of combining authoritative articles with engaging multimedia, featuring a new interface and easy-to-use search tools that help user find the information they need quickly and easily, from broad topics to in-depth coverage.

5) 汉语拼音速成


6) 多媒体汉字字典 (Multimedia Dictionary of Chinese Characters – HSK Level 1)

It is a combination defined dictionary introducing the history, strokes and stroke orders, basic structures and formations of Chinese characters, terminology as well as the indexing system. As for those beginners of learning Chinese, this is a fabulous learning tool to facilitate the learning process.

7) Oxford Advanced Learner's Compass

You can have a fast access into any vocabulary with these 3 reference books:
-The Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 7th Edition
-The Oxford Guide to British and American Culture
-The Oxford Word Finder Dictionary

Four special features are also available:
-Oxford Know-how
-Advanced search
-Oxford 3000

These functions will enable a smoother learning process for the learners.

8) Oxford Study Shelf

Encompassing two reference books:
-Oxford study thesaurus
-Oxford school dictionary

ü Notes on using the dictionary
ü pronunciation
ü proprietary terms
ü appendices
ü prefixies and suffixes
ü foreign words and phrases
ü days, months and the zodiac
ü countries of the world

With Oxford Study Shelf, you can learn English in a more effective way.

9) The 1996 Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia

This encyclopedia is enriched with more than 30,000 articles with 12,000 CompuServe Links, gallery which enables you to get access into the media world, atlas to let you explore places around the world, timelines for you to analyze historical incidents and path makers to give you an insight to human achievement.

10) The Oxford Thesaurus

The Oxford Thesaurus offers a choice of alternative words (synonyms) that can be used in place of one that you already have in mind. You can easily trace back words that you have searched before. You can even print it out if you want.


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