Rules and Regulations for using the Lockers


1.      Southern University College Library provides lockers for all users’ convenience to storepersonal belongings.

2.      Users must deposit valid Southern University College Identification Cardsto obtain the keys of lockers from the circulation counter before storing personal belongings. Each user is limited to use one locker.

3.      It is free of charge to keep your personal belongings (but NOT illegal contrabands, dangerous goods, valuable items and perishable food).The library is not responsible for the loss of any items stored in the locker.

4.      Users may keep their belongings in the lockers while the Library is open and remove them before the Library closes. Any user who violates this rule shall be terminated the locker privilege.

5.      All lockers should be emptied every day before the Library closes and the keys should be returned to the circulation counter. Late return will incur fines of RM10.00 per day.

6.      Users are responsible for keeping the keys. If the key is lost, the user shall pay three times (RM30) the amount of money to replace the lock. If the locker is damaged, the user shall pay for the repairs.

7.      The Library reserves the right to amend there rules from time to time.

8.      The regulations and any subsequent amendments shall be approved by the President before they are presented for implementation.



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