Library Rules & Regulations


General Rules

1.      Eating, drinking, smoking and use of cell phones are strictly prohibited in the Library.

2.      User who causes disturbance to others or spoils the books and equipment will be asked to leave the Library.

3.      Southern University College Identification Cards are non-transferable.

4.      Bags, briefcases, helmets, umbrellas etc. should be kept in the locker room at the entrance. Only notebook and stationery is allowed to bring into the Library.

5.      Users are to carry their own personal belongings with them. The Library will not be responsible for any loss.

6.      All users are to be properly attired as specified by the school. Slippers and short pants are prohibited.

7.      Users who are found stealing or tearing the books will be forfeited their library privileges and are subjected to penalty.

8.      Reservation of seats is not permitted.

9.      All library materials must be kept clean. Defacing or mutilating library materials is an offence.

10.   Library’s discussion rooms can be used by 3 people or above.

11.   Library’s research room is only for staff, lecturers and master students.

12.   Application for the above-mentioned 2 types of rooms can be made at the circulation counter.

13.   Users offending rules are subjected to penalty.

14.   Users are accountable for materials checked out with their ID cards and should report noticeable damage before checking out materials at the circulation counter. If an item is returned damaged, the user is liable for charges incurred to repair or replace the item according to the “Charges for Lost Materials”.


Codes of Conduct

1.      The codes of conduct are outlined to protect the users’ rights and privileges. Offenders are subjected to loss of library privileges according to the demerit system.

2.      Users should be accountable for their own ID cards as to borrow library’s materials and use the facilities. If the ID card is found, the owner will be informed to collect on his/ her own behalf.

3.      Users should be attired and behave properly. Users are not allowed to enter non-open area.

4.      Food, drinks and pets are not allowed to be brought into the library. Silence must be observed. Mobile phones should be switched to silent mode.

5.      Some library’s computers are provided for library users to access library’s network information and cannot be used for other Internet connection. All the computers shall not be used to access pornographic websites and to play computer games.

6.      Users shall not remove or reserve the seats. Users are to take away their belongings when they leave. The Library is not responsible for any loss.

7.      Library’s materials and equipment should be maintained in good condition. Any damages found shall be compensated according to relevant rules of the Library.

8.      Library’s materials and resources should not be removed from the audio visual area and the Library without following the borrowing procedure.

9.      Demerit system: First offender’s name will be recorded in the Library Record Book, demerit 1 point and be given verbal warning. Besides the punishment below, the repeat offender’s name will be shown on the Library’s notice board.

9.1      If the offender has 2 demerit points, their borrowing privileges will be suspended for 3 months.

9.2      If the offender has 3 demerit points, their borrowing privileges will be suspended for 12 months.

10.   Besides the above punishment, a serious offender, who has had 3 demerit points, or is found stealing, damaging books and facilities of the Library, will be reported to Student Affairs Office, their Head of Department and Student Disciplinary Committee, if necessary. If the offender is an outsider, he/she will be reported to the police.

11.   The librarians shall record all the misconducts and the dealings in the “Violation of Rules in Library” record book for future reference.

12.   The regulations and any subsequent amendments shall be approved by the President before they are presented for implementation.  


Charges for Lost Materials

1.     Users shall compensate to the Library for any lost materials, by replacing them with new books or cash according to the book price compensation charges.

2.     The Library will charge 3 times the cost of the lost item. If the original price is lower than the base prices (RM50.00 for Chinese book, RM100.00 for English books, RM50.00 for Malay books), the Library will charge triple of the base price.

3.     If the lost item is a complimentary item or by exchange without any prices, users will be charged for the replacement cost:

Chinese materials at RM60.00 per item, English materials at RM120.00 per item, Malay materials at RM60.00 per item.

4.     If the item’s original price is in foreign currency, compensation is to be made based on the current foreign exchange rate.

5.     If a lost item is one of the copy of a series of books (Books in set), compensation has to be made according to the above methods. If the item cannot be purchased individually, compensation shall be made based on the original price of the whole series of books.

6.     If the item is an out-of-print material, compensation is at ten times of the original price.

7.     Lost books of special edition or specially printed art work will be subjected to particular compensation.

8.     The same rules apply to lost periodicals.


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